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It is 1963 when a half-breed twelve-year-old from Ohio decides to follow through with a daredevil move that leaves him injured and at the bottom of a sand pit. A short time later, after his rescue, the boy recovers in bed-a captive audience to another one of his Grandma Wick's stories.With an Indian smoking pipe firmly wedged between her teeth, Grandma Wick leads the boy back into the 1800's as she spins this fascinating tale about a Shawnee Indian girl and her life with her people. Ciicothe worked as a slave and abolitionist who eventually assimilated into the white world while displaying an unending love for her family. With additional insight from his Grandma Lu, the story ultimately reveals dark, long-held family secrets that include a shocking revelation about the first assassination of a United States president.Ciicothe's Seven Rivers shares the tale of a half-Native American boy whose grandmothers weave the legend of a Shawnee woman that ultimately unveils his lineage and dark family secrets.

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