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diplomatic law in a new millennium купить по лучшей цене

Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2012 in the subject Law - European and International Law, Intellectual Properties, grade: A, , course: LAW, language: English, abstract: We must spare no effort to free all of humanity, and above all our children andgrandchildren, from the threat of living on a planet irredeemably spoilt by humanactivities, and whose resources would no longer be sufficient for their needs(United Nations Millennium Declaration, GA Res. 55/2).Since the increasing pressure on '' fair trade'' emphasized by massive streetdemonstrations at the 1999 Ministerial Conference in Seattle, the World TradeOrganization( WTO) has had to face new objectives raised by political, religiousand ideological interests, labor, animal and women's right. The environmentalissue has moved beyond local and even national boundaries into the foreignpolicy debate, since actions in one country have had adverse environmentaleffects on another. As a consequence, public interests has intensified, in thelight of high profile trade and environmental concerns that extends into someof these new sensitive areas such as the role of science in risk assessment, theconservation of endangered species, the cross border movement of geneticallymodified organisms( GMOs) and measures to protect public health.Economists, lawyers and environmentalists have called for internationalagreements, which abrogate national sovereignty and delegate foreign policy tointernational agreements...
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