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It's a Bridal Basket Auction! Bachelors, bid now and win a night you will never forget[unknown-8230] Basket #1: [unknown-8220]Around the Girl in 80 Ways[unknown-8221] Forget baked goods and innocent picnics – Margot Walker's [unknown-8220]anonymous[unknown-8221] basket is all about risqu[unknown-233] and reward! Eighty pieces of paper are tucked inside, each listing a different destination. And each destination is an erotic promise[unknown-8230]. Of course, you'll be betting against cowboy Clint Barrows (whom the ladies consider to be walking sex in a Stetson). Clint knows Margot is the one who got away, and he's determined to find out exactly what is in her basket[unknown-8230]and meet each naughty adventure with one of his own!

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