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David Blake and his sister Sally have grown up with the legend of the Blake treasure, buried on one of the islands off Saturday Cove, a fishing village on the coast of Maine. One day, while lobstering in the bay, David and Sally seek shelter from a summer storm in an abandoned house on Blake's Island. There they find a musty chart that seems to be a definite clue. Curious and excited, they decide to solve the family mystery.<P> But Sally loses the chart, and David reckons without the troublesome interference of Roddy McNeil, a newcomer to Saturday Cove. Roddy's father threatens to buy Blake's Island and the children fear the treasure will be lost to them forever.<P> The mystery is heightened with the discovery of an unidentified eavesdroppers, the disappearance of a rare pewter button, and the fishermen's growing suspicion that it is David who is stealing lobsters from their traps.<P> Barbee Oliver Carleton successfully captures the special flavor of the Maine coast, and brings to children a story of unusual imagination and excitement.<P> A savory sea tale exudes the salty tang and ruddy, weathered atmosphere of Cape Cod." – Kirkus

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