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A Comprehensive Reference On Vitamin D CHEMISTRY This hands-on, comprehensive reference provides accessible, organized information on the structures and applications of Vitamin D and its related chemicals. The most extensive published list of Vitamin D molecules, it provides a record for approximately 950 derivatives of Vitamins D2 and D3. Information provided of each compound includes: * Structure, chemical name, synonyms, and properties * Information on bioactivities, structure-activity relationships (SAR), synthesis, and toxicity data * CAS registry number and/or NLM PubChem chemical identification number * References to published work on the compound This unique, full perspective on the chemistry of Vitamin D includes detailed indexes that facilitate the search for a specific compound. With monographs of all the chemicals related to Vitamin D in published literature, Vitamin D Handbook: Structures, Synonyms, and Properties is an invaluable resource for anyone conducting research on Vitamin D, including chemists, biochemists, research directors, and clinical directors. It is also an excellent resource for graduate students. G. W. A. MILNE spent thirty-five years as a senior researcher at the National Institutes of Health where he worked on spectroscopy for structure determination of organic compounds and on molecular modeling in the design of drugs for the treatment of cancer and AIDS. He is a former editor of the ACS Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences. In addition, he is the editor of seventeen Ashgate Handbooks, including the Ashgate Handbook of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals; Gardner's Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names, Eleventh Edition; Drugs: Synonyms and Properties, Second Edition; and Gardner's Commercially Important Chemicals (all published by Wiley). In 1999, he was one of two recipients of the Skolnik Award from the Chemical Information Division of the American Chemical Society. MICHAEL DELANDER is a biotechnology consultant and the founder and research librarian for MDs Research Library, a literature and Internet sources research firm.
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