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Crowdfunding is already transforming the way many entrepreneurs and enterprises around the globe think about community engagement and fundraising for various causes. This book puts forth the belief that policymakers, public servants and various governments, municipalities and regions can significantly benefit from crowdfunding through employing crowd-related mechanisms within their frameworks and using their crowd as an asset &#x2014; a crowdasset. Using real-world examples, this book explores the opportunities presented by crowdfunding and crowdfunded innovation, and how major policymakers are already using crowdfunding and crowd mechanisms to accelerate innovation, engagement and community transformation. A guide for those involved in crowdfunding, CrowdAsset brings readers through the journey of maximising crowd impact.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li><b><i>The Crowdfunding Opportunity:</i></b><ul><li>Introduction to Crowdfunding <i>(Tim Wright, Dan Marom and Oliver Gajda)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Our Framework:</i></b><ul><li>The Framework <i>(Tim Wright, Dan Marom and Oliver Gajda)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Crowdfunding in Action:</i></b><ul><li><b>Societal Impact:</b><ul><li>Civic Crowdfunding, Equity, and the Role of Government <i>(David J Weinberger)</i></li><li>The Design of Paying Publics <i>(Ann Light and Jo Briggs)</i></li><li>The Patronicity Crowdgranting Model <i>(Ebrahim Varachia)</i></li><li>Match-Funding Calls for Open Crowdfunding: The Experience from Goteo.Org in New Policies for Crowdvocacy <i>(Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Mayo Fuster Morell, Cristina Moreno de Albor&#x00E1;n and Olivier Schulbaum)</i></li></ul></li><li><b>Civic and City Level:</b><ul><li>Co-Creating Cities &#x2014; Practical Experiences from Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Urban Areas in Turin, Brussels, and London <i>(Conny Weber and Reinhard Willfort)</i></li><li>Crowdfunding Social or Community-Focused Projects <i>(Jonathan Bone)</i></li><li>Crowdfund London: Civic Crowdfunding as a Tool for Collaborative Urban Regeneration in London <i>(James Parkinson)</i></li><li>Lessons Learned from Civic Crowdfunding and Match-Funding Schemes in Europe <i>(Francesca Passeri)</i></li><li>Civic Crowdfunding in Milan: Between Grass-Roots Actors and Policy Opportunities <i>(Carolina Pacchi and Ivana Pais)</i></li></ul></li><li><b>State and Government Level:</b><ul><li>Crowdfund Angus: The Impact of Public-Level Crowdfunding <i>(Shelley Hague)</i></li><li>Initiative Comes at a Cost: Russian Experience of Crowdfunding for Policymakers <i>(Evgeny P Torkanovskiy)</i></li><li>From Crowdfunding Initiative to Fintech Hub: Lithuanian Case <i>(Arvydas Pa&#x0161;kevi&#x010D;ius, Leva Astrauskait&#x0117; and Sigitas Mitkus)</i></li><li>Civic Crowdfunding in Germany &#x2014; An Overview of the Developing Landscape in Germany <i>(Karsten Wenzlaff)</i></li><li>Crowdfunding Act: Accelerating the Growth of Crowdfunding Market in Finland <i>(Ilkka Harju and Aki Kallio)</i></li><li>Crowdsourcing Ideas for Public Investment: The Experience of Youth Participatory Budgeting in Portugal <i>(Susana Jacinta Queir&#x00F3;s Bernardino and Jos&#x00E9; de Freitas Santos)</i></li><li>Crowdfunding &#x2014; The Indonesian Experience <i>(Anton Root)</i></li><li>Intrastate Crowdfunding: Achieving Its Full Potential as an Economic Development Tool <i>(Amy Cortese)</i></li></ul></li><li><b>Pan National:</b><ul><li>Will the Proposed European Crowdfunding Regulation Lead to a 'True' European Market for Crowdfunding? <i>(Sebastiaan Niels Hooghiemstra)</i></li><li>Crowdfunding for Civic and Development Projects <i>(Robert Pasicko and Marina Petrovic)</i></li></ul></li><li><b>Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:</b><ul><li>Relationships among Crowdassets, Crowdfunding, and ICOs for Civic Engagement <i>(Angelo Miglietta and Emanuele Mario Parisi)</i></li><li>The Berkeley Blockchain Initiative &#x2014; Crypto Municipal Bonds: Addressing the Challenge of Homelessness and a Whole Lot More <i>(Tim Wright)</i></li></ul></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Conclusion:</i></b><ul><li>Making It Happen <i>(Tim Wright, Oliver Gajda and Dan Marom)</i></li></ul></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Policymakers and those involved in crowdfunding activities.Crowdfunding;Crowdsourcing;Crowd;Public;Policymakers;Government;State;Municipalities;Civic Crowdfunding;Civic Society;Citizen Engagement0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Authors and contributors are well-known experts from around the world providing various synergetic viewpoints</li><li>Hands-on guide with best practices, insights, tools and frameworks</li><li>Timely in addressing budgetary challenges faced by organisations</li></ul>
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