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Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Education - Educational Tests & Measurements, Panjab University, course: M.Ed, language: English, abstract: Creativity is an asset to human beings which distinguish it from the rest of the flora and fauna organizers. Creativity is, underdoubtedly, the most unique among all the abilities, in the past creativity was attributed as 'Spark of Genius; or 'revetaties'. But, presently it is attributed to psychic functioning of human being.Creativity is the capacity or ability of an individual to create, discover or produce a new or novel idea or object, including the rearrangement or reshaping of what is already known to him which proves to be a unique personal experience.Creativity is one of the highest gifts that nature has bestowed on mass. The present stage of culture, scientific and industrial development that man has attained in largely to be attributed to this gift of creativity. The human world has progresses only with creative abilities in now. These abilities should be identified and developed systematically, and used for the progress of mankind. The development of a society critically depends upon the creativity of the people. Therefore creativity has becomes a chief psycho-social motive of the twentieth century. Creativity enhances the capacity to make changes in the surroundings. In fact it is creativity which has helped society in its evaluation from the animal life to the present development. The tot...
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