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It's been a hard day's night on the lam!Let It Bree by Colleen CollinsKirk Dunmore has suddenly found himself in times of trouble! When he stops to help a stranded Bree Brown, he winds up being chased by bad guys who are after Bree's pet bull?! And while they've been making their evasive maneuvers, he's managed to fall in love with Bree. So now he has to find the words of wisdom to convince her there's plenty of room for her–and her pet–in his life.Can't Buy Me Louie by Colleen CollinsFormer bad guy Louie Ragazzi is dark, sexy and a little dangerous–and Alicia Hansen is just a little in love. She's determined to help him get over his «I'm a one-man show» thing. Shouldn't take much because, well, look at her! She's got it all, including the cash. Louie doesn't seem to care too much for the money, but after spending a few steamy days with her while they outrun his past, he does seem to be considering a partnership….
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