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Three heart-warming romantic comedies from Sunday Times bestselling author Claudia Carroll.A Very Accidental Love Story is the story of Eloise, successful high-flier and mother of Lily, following a trip to the sperm bank …But juggling a high-powered job with single motherhood does not prove to be easy. And what happens when Lily becomes determined to track down her Daddy?In Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow we meet Annie and Dan, the perfect couple. But, truth be told, the not-so-newly-weds are feeling more like flatmates than soul-mates and are wondering where all the fun and fireworks have gone. So what happens when they decide to take a year off …from each other?Personally I Blame My Fairy Godmother is the story of Jessie, who believes in fairytale endings. But when she gets dumped loses her job and is forced to live at home with her evil step mum and stepsisters is it time to give up on the dream? Or can happy endings come in the strangest of places?
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