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This idea first came from watching and hearing televangelists on Christian broadcasts after I had been saved. I was blessed to have a pastor and a church family that embraced me and poured themselves into my life with teachings and testimonies that enhanced my walk with Jesus immensely. I often wondered who were there for the people who received Jesus over the television waves or in large convention centers after the message ended. I'm sure some had pamphlets and flyers to hand out, but in many cases, that is not enough. My book Now That I Am Saved, Now What? is designed to give the reader a quick synopsis and revelation of what you can expect and what is expected from a loving good God who is no respecter of persons. From the cover illustration, you can ascertain that a man is overboard and the men of God have thrown him a life preserver. He is saved, but he seems to be asking, "Now what?" They are all pleased he is saved, but no one seems willing to pull him into the safety of the ship. Jesus is at the helm and will always be the author and finisher of our faith if we trust him fully and follow his lead through his Word.
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