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Master's Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Women Studies / Gender Studies, grade: 1,3, University of Constance, language: English, abstract: The present paper aims at approaching the exceptional cases of five South Asian women writers who grapple in their novels with different manifestations of male violence against women. What will be examined is their aesthetic perspective and representation of the given topic, as well as their significant contribution to the effort of breaking the silence on gender-based violence by transforming it into a speakable subject.The present paper will be limited to analyse its aesthetic engagements by focusing on the following fictional works: Manju Kapur (India) - Home, Taslima Nasrin (Bangladesh) - My Bengali Girlhood, Mukhtar Mai (Pakistan)- In the Name of Honor, Tehmina Durrani (Pakistan) - My Feudal Lord, and Anita Nair (India) - Ladies Coupé. The visible interest in the South Asian literary writing is legitimized by the writers' argument that the social systems referred to in the texts display a visible predisposition to protect the male abusers and silence the victims. In an attempt to explore their indictments, it is relevant to introduce theories and empirical results from the area of sociology and psychology, as well as pertinent statements of literary critics, Indian and Pakistani writers and journalists. The present paper will contextualize and thematize the issue of gender-based violence and the silence camouflaging i...
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