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Inventing Christic Jesuses is the first comprehensive proposal for how revisionist theology can deploy historical Jesus research in a methodologically sophisticated way. Rejecting positions that insulate theology from Jesus research, the proposal sets out warrants and rules for a quested Christology in dialogue with an analysis of the conduct of historians of Jesus from the period of the Third Quest (c. 1980-2010). The volume Method analyzes for theology the methods and values of historical research on Jesus. It argues that the methodic construction of historical images of Jesus in conversation with sources is simultaneously a retrojective activity of value production. First, in defining the terms of the inquiry, Wilson locates a middle ground between hostility to questing and a too-ready application of historical results to Christology. He then identifies rules and warrants for the deployment of Jesus research in theology and reconstructs the notion of the retrojection of value in the production of a historical Jesus. The volume ends with a case study of retrojective Jesus production, an analysis and assessment of the new notion that Jesus is a sage in the tradition of wisdom.

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