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bullough o the last man in russia and the struggle to save a dying nation купить по лучшей цене

“Icons of Russia” is a glorious revelation of Russia’s cultural and historical heritage as well as its modern achievements gathered in a beautiful full color book. The book brings the reader a cornucopia of the achievements, skills and inventions of the Russian people throughout history. The book gives an opportunity to look at Russia as a source of global trends that greatly influence the way people think and live throughout the world. Not only the country’s historical inheritance and high culture shown in a book but also its pop culture, lifestyle, fashion, technology, cuisine, and entertainment - the areas that typically lie outside the interest of oflicial historians and writers. What we are trying to show in this book is that Russia is a world power not only because of its size and natural resources, but mostly because of the creative genius of the Russian nation. The pages of “Icons of Russia” reveal the contributions of Russia and the Russian people to the global culture and its politics, economy, and science. The book is a part of "Icons of the World" series. It shows cultural interaction and similarities, helps to promote intercultural understanding. The series was given recognition by UNESCO for outstanding contribution to international cultural cooperation.

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