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A volume in Research on the Education of Asian Pacific AmericansSeries Editors Clara C. Park, California State University, Northridge,Russell Endo, University of Colorado, and Xue Lan Rong, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill(Sponsored by SIG-Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans of the American EducationalResearch Association and National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education)This research anthology is the fifth volume in a series sponsored by the Special InterestGroup - Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans (SIG - REAPA) ofthe American Educational Research Association and National Association for Asian andPacific American Education. This series explores and examines the patterns of Asian parents' involvement in the educationof their children, as well as the direct and indirect effects on children's academic achievement; Asian American children'sliteracy development and learning strategies; Asian American teachers' motivation to enter teaching profession, andstrategies to recruit and retain them; the "model minority stereotype" of Asian American students and their socio-emotionaldevelopment; campus climate and perceived racism toward Asian American college students, etc. This series blends thework of well established Asian American scholars with the voices of emerging researchers and examines in close detailimportant issues in Asian American education, parental involvement, and teacher recruit...
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