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brian mitchell s an introduction to materials engineering and science for chemical and materials engineers купить по лучшей цене

Covers chemistry, physics, engineering, and therapeutic aspects of packaging—universal to pharmaceutical, medical, and food applications  This book covers the chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering, and therapeutic aspects of many different types of packaging materials, emphasizing throughout the applicability of various aspects of packaging science and technology. It also provides a simultaneous discussion of interrelated fields, and addresses the universal issues within these fields’ application areas. Intended as a technical reference and as a study aid, it is relevant to anyone who studies or uses packaging or packaging materials.  Packaging Technology and Engineering: Pharmaceutical, Medical and Food Applications begins with an overview of the history of the topic. It then offers chapters on the methods of obtaining raw materials, the chemistry of polymeric and non-polymeric packaging materials, physico-chemical quality parameters, and the manufacturing of packaging. Other topics look at: additives, use, suppliers, safety and environmental concerns, regulation, anti-fraud activities, new trends, and the future of packaging technology. The book also features numerous problems and worked solutions to aid student comprehension. Covers packaging and packaging materials, their properties and technologies Addresses the chemical engineering, physics, and chemistry of packaging materials, and the individual requirements for food, pharmaceutical, and medical device packaging Includes current issues such as environmental concerns and sustainability, recycling and after-use, anti-counterfeiting technology, and packaging regulations and guidelines Packaging Technology and Engineering: Pharmaceutical, Medical and Food Applications will appeal to all packaging technologists, scientists, and engineers in industry, and in regulatory agencies. It is also an excellent book for advanced students studying packaging courses, within pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, chemical sciences, biomedical sciences, medical sciences, engineering, product design and technology, and food science/technology.
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