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THE JAMES BOND MOVIES OF THE 1980s A survey of the series of James Bond films, which have long been considered among the most popular and successful of British movies, and have also come to be regarded as a useful barometer of Western geopolitical attitudes throughout the series' long-running duration. This new book from Thomas A. Christie takes a look at all of the James Bond movies produced during the 1980s, and investigates the series' changing approach to its subject matter during this most socially turbulent of decades. Moving from the East-West tension plotlines of the later Roger Moore James Bond films into a conscious deviation towards less conventional subject areas during the Timothy Dalton era, Bond's evolving role as a Cold War hero is examined in order to ascertain just how the character was adapted to meet the demands of rapidly changing world affairs. The Eighties saw a more nuanced approach to the Iron Curtain in comparison to earlier films in the series, with the films covering topics as wide-ranging as free-market capitalism and the home electronics boom, and the movie producers' ongoing efforts to ensure the cycle's continuing relevance to contemporary audiences are considered in detail. Drawing on statistical data and a wide range of research material, The James Bond Movies of the Eighties considers issues such as the films' cultural impact, the series' radical shifts in style, and its often subtle approach to issues of ideology...

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