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Since her childhood, author Georgia Barnes questioned her self-worth and assumed her life was disposable. She struggled to find completeness. Knowing something was missing among the jigsaw pieces of her life, she didnt realize she was hiding from herself. Shocked that she was living in denial, Barnes finds the courage to unlock the area of her life that was never allowed to surface. In Pregnancy Centers, she narrates her journey of healing that she found when she stopped running from her past. An honest and sincere account, Barnes pairs her personal story in conjunction with her experiences becoming a volunteer at a Michigan pregnancy center. As a birth mom, she shares her story and why she feels so strongly about supporting this ministry. In this memoir, she addresses the misconceptions often associated with pregnancy centers while at the same time encouraging others to become involved in a ministry suited to their own needs and interests. She offers a reminder that the journey through life can take many forms and chapters. Each persons path neither defines them nor their future.

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