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arie wilschut images of time the role of historical consciousness of time in learning купить по лучшей цене

What makes history difficult to learn is the fact that one has to travel in time. Studying events and circumstancesfrom a time perspective different from our own is something that doesn't come naturally to people. Itis an ability that has to be acquired.This book discusses teaching and learning history from the perspective of passage of time. Time experiencesexist in different shapes and dimensions, one of which is historical time. The specific characteristics of thekind of time are defined in this study, based on philosophical and psychological insights, as well as on theoryof history. The differences with other kinds of time, such as daily time and social time, are outlined. Six keyconcepts of historical time are then defined: chronology, periodization, relics, anachronism, contingency, andgenerations - meaning a specific way of dealing with the generations of our predecessors. The main issuesfor teaching historical thinking are described using these six categories. An inventory is made of what isknown about them from existing research and what questions still need further investigation.An empirical study is reported about the means students preferably use to orient in historical time: timelinesand numbered years attached to events, or imaginative-associative contexts? It is demonstrated that 'images of time' are the optimum means for historicalorientation.An historical consciousness of time is essential to an open democratic society. The one-dimensional perspec...

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