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The Cubs of Den 2 face their biggest crisis after they are accused of vandalizing an old church. Dan admits that he and another Cub are responsible for accidentally breaking a window and offers to pay for the damage, but the caretaker, Old Terry, refuses to accept the money and states that they did thousands of dollars in damage to the building in addition to breaking the window. Dan and the other Cubs are angered, as they know they did not wreck the church. The owners of the church file a lawsuit against the organization for $20,000 in damages. Even worse, the boys' reputation is at stake as many people believe the false rumors. The Cubs feel disgraced and have no way of proving their innocence. The Cubs suspect that hooligan Pat Oswald and his gang are responsible for the damage to the church. Pat and his cohorts constantly harass the Cubs and make fun of them. Whenever the vandalism of the church is mentioned, Pat smirks but refuses to admit to anything. Finally, Pat has a change of heart and admits to his role in the misdeed. Pat and his friends resolve to become honest and loyal. They plan to create a Cub Scouts den of their own so that they can also be members of a great organization.
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