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What are “spiritual practices?” What comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you are probably picturing prayer and reading the Bible. And you are correct – those are the two most common (and most impactful) spiritual practices. But there’s a whole other world out there if that’s all you know.We often see worship as something different than prayer or reading the Bible, but bringing your whole heart, mind, soul, and body to worship with other Christians is a spiritual practice.Or, did you know that fasting can bring you closer to God, not just give you a little relief on the scale?You might think of Eastern religions when you hear about meditation, but did you know Christianity has a deep and rich history with meditation as well?The spiritual practices generally fall into a few categories. They can be internal or external, alone or in a group, action-oriented or thought-oriented. This series is designed to help you expand the ways that you communicate with and grow closer to Jesus. If you feel like you are in a spiritual rut, one way to refresh your soul is through new spiritual practices.
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