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Code of Federal Regulations Title 41, Volume 3, July 1, 2017 contains regulations governing Public Contracts and Property Management and may also be referenced as:- Code of Federal Regulations Title 41, Volume 3, July 1, 2017- CFR Title 41- CFR 41, Public Contracts and Property Management- CFR 41, Chapters 102 to 200, Public Contracts and Property ManagementThis volume contains Chapters 102 to 200:- Part 102-General; Reserved- Part 102; 2-FEDERAL MANAGEMENT REGULATION SYSTEM- Part 102; 3-FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE MANAGEMENT- Part 102-4-Nondiscrimination in Federal Financial Assistance Programs; Reserved- Part 102; 5-HOME-TO-WORK TRANSPORTATION- Parts 102-6-102-30; Reserved- Part 102-31-General; Reserved- Part 102-32-Management of Personal Property; Reserved- Part 102; 33-MANAGEMENT OF GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT- Part 102; 34-MOTOR VEHICLE MANAGEMENT- Part 102; 35-DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY- Part 102; 36-DISPOSITION OF EXCESS PERSONAL PROPERTY- Part 102; 37-DONATION OF SURPLUS PERSONAL PROPERTY- Part 102; 38-SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY- Part 102; 39-REPLACEMENT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY PURSUANT TO THE EXCHANGE/SALE AUTHORITY- Part 102; 40-UTILIZATION AND DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY WITH SPECIAL HANDLING REQUIREMENTS- Part 102; 41-DISPOSITION OF SEIZED, FORFEITED, VOLUNTARILY ABANDONED, AND UNCLAIMED PERSONAL PROPERTY- Part 102; 42-UTILIZATION, DONATION, AND DISPOSAL OF FOREIGN GIFTS AND DECORATIONS- Part 102; 71-GENERAL- Part 102; 72-DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY- Part 102; 73-REAL E...
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