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Rely on 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators to help you lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life inside and outside of the classroom. With author Tina H. Boogren's guidance, you will work your way through thirty-six weeks of daily self-care strategies and techniques, each corresponding with a week of the school year. Weekly themes range from creativity and inspiration to relationships and time management for teachers and administrators. Follow this self-care plan designed to support your health and wellness during the school year: Understand how prioritizing your own self-care will better equip you to positively impact student learning and achievement. Discover low- and no-cost self-care ideas for teachers and administrators designed to help make meaningful, positive change. Explore the dangers of stress in the classroom and in an educator's personal life, and understand how this stress affects students. Learn how to assess what you need, check in with yourself throughout the day, and act on what you learn. Utilize reflection questions to help you think through which strategies worked – and which didn't. Let go of the expectations of perfection while practicing these self-care techniques and teacher wellness ideas. Contents: Introduction Section I: Preparing for a Season of Sacrifice Week One: Music (Days 1-5) Week Two: Nutrition and Hydration (Days 6-10) Week Three: Sleep (Days 11-15) Week Four: Laughter (Days 16-20) Week Five: Technology (Days 21-25) Week Six: Altruism (Days 26-30) Week Seven: Wardrobe (Days 31-35) Week Eight: Time (Days 36-40) Week Nine: Mindfulness (Days 41-45) Section II: Dealing With Disillusionment Week Ten: Time (Days 46-50) Week Eleven: Relationships (Days 51-55) Week Twelve: Gratitude (Days 56-60) Week Thirteen: Saying No (Days 61-65) Week Fourteen: Inspiration (Days 66-70) Week Fifteen: Help (Days 71-75) Week Sixteen: Comfort (Days 76-80) Week Seventeen: Social Media (Days 81-85) Week Eighteen: Habits (Days 86-90) Section III: Finding Balance Week Nineteen: Creativity (Days 91-95) Week Twenty: Altruism (Days 96-100) Week Twenty-One: Indulgence (Days 101-105) Week Twenty-Two: Adventure (Days 106-110) Week Twenty-Three: Orderliness (Days 111-115) Week Twenty-Four: Obligations (Days 116-120) Week Twenty-Five: Play (Days 121-125) Week Twenty-Six: Email (Days 126-130) Week Twenty-Seven: Replay (Days 131-135) Section IV: Finishing Strong Week Twenty-Eight: Hobbies (Days 136-140) Week Twenty-Nine: Cognition (Days 141-145) Week Thirty: Transitions (Days 146-150) Week Thirty-One: Listening (Days 151-155) Week Thirty-Two: Journal (Days 156-160) Week Thirty-Three: Outdoors (Days 161-165) Week Thirty-Four: Morning Routine (Days 166-170) Week Thirty-Five: Active Rest (Days 171-175) Week Thirty-Six: Summer To-Do List (Days 176-180) Epilogue: Create Your Own Self-Care List Appendix: Final Reflection Index

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