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‎"I'm liking your style. Not «sewn together,» more like «laid side by side.» Reaches the reader from the inside out. "David W. Aston 'It's almost like you capture small instances of life and create a picture.'Jaleesa McLeanWith the company of a place I write.The essence of a poem is a puzzle left to be unsolved.The true self.It stays withinAnd is let out to those who see.From Australia to Greece and a small life time living in different cities of Europe. A story of poems that illustrates a continuous beginning. Fresh and anew again and again. My poems are about absorbing the world around me with a pencil and paper in my hand. The way I see my life and the lives of others as I build my own outlook. There are poems for every mood in each chapter, sequenced like a story. A story of every day life, love, family and travel. I grew up in Australia with a Greek family background. I have worked in various educational settings in Australia and Europe over the past 16 years of my career. I have a Bachelor of Education degree, TEFL Certificate and have an interest in The Montessori Method. I enjoy travel, languages, music, dance and sport. My love for writing stemmed from my experiences with different people, places and my interest in education.Maria Evangelistria Mangos Grujicic

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