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Slowly, living my life again After a long battle with grieving and losing the love of my life, my youngest son, it seems as if I would never, ever smile again or even enjoy the smallest things in life. The littlest things that mean so much such as a smile, a hug, or to have a kind word in my heart for someone else, anyone. However, the day finally came when a ray of light shined on me just a little bit, so I can see through the darkness and pain that I thought would destroy my life. The part that was left of it after such a great tragedy, the loss of my son. My life was in shambles for a very long time and I had lost many friends or at least I thought they were friend and I really didn't care about life or living. Today with God all things are possible and life is worth living. I say to you one and all, I'll never give up on life, no matter how bad life experiences may hurt. It's always a blessing somewhere in it, or around it.

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