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Giraldus Cambrensis, or Gerald of Wales, was born around 1146 in Wales. A fascinating twelfth century churchman, he became one of the most important English chroniclers of the High Middle Ages, leading the way for modern historiography. In 1118, Gerald set out to explore Wales with his companion Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury. Their journey is chronicled here in «The Itinerary Through Wales». In «The Description of Wales», Gerald of Wales documents the rich and textured culture of Wales. In it we witness the day-to-day life of the peoples of Wales, learning of the cultural history and unique customs of this colorful country. We see their methods of farming, their means of communication, and their dealings with English conflict. A foundation of English history, «The Description of Wales» stands out for its detail and authenticity. These two works stand out as important early historical documents of the Welsh people and their land.

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