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Vision Form Invisible to Visible is a must-have for leaders in every organization; corporate America, private firms, non-profit and faith-based organizations. Vision: From Invisible to Visible begins with the author sharing her intriguing life journey as a visionary and how she became a leader of an organization. The book identifies how to embrace your calling and purpose, embracing what you were sent into the earth realm to accomplish. The author shares how she moves from a place of obscurity to starting a potentially multimillion-dollar business in the faith-based community. The book is an exciting journey that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat; every emerging leader will be able to relate to the experiences of the author. The book uses Christian principles to outline characteristics necessary to realize a vision. The book develops concepts and models that every leader or visionary needs to know, to ensure success in building their business, into moving a dream into a vision and making the invisible become visible. This book skillfully identifies what type of team members are required to ensure the success of your project. Vision: From Invisible to Visible provides a Vision Emergence Template (VET); with a completed example outlining the author's own vision, the building of a Christian community. Some practical tools are provided that will accelerate and propel your vision is discussed. The concepts and models are priceless and are relevant to every leader ...
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