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After five years in Japan, Paul is drawn into the world of the Yakuza. A kill or be killed world where honor and etiquette have no place. Only love can give him the strength he will need to survive. Later that morning, at a more respectable time, he picked up the phone, dialled, and waited. A few moments later he said, “Charles, I’m going to Japan!”“Look, this Yoshizaki isn’t going away, you can’t sack him, he’s not going to get arrested and thrown in prison and you can’t make him disappear.”With one foot still on the body, he raised the sword slowly, then brought it down in a big arc to flick the blood from the blade. The warm liquid splattered in a line of defiance across the floor between him and the four Yakuza.Their love making had caused them to sweat slightly and their bodies glistened in the candle light. She gently shuffled over to him and rested her head on his chest.

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